• Open MRI

    With one of the most sophisticated Open MRI’s in Las Vegas area, Mirror Imaging Las Vegas is able to provide all of the diagnostic qualities of a high-field MRI study with the patient benefits of an Open MRI experience. The Altaire High-Field offers more than double the magnet field strength of most Open MRI scanners are the largest in the state of Nevada. Utilizing the most current hardware and software, with specially designed coils for each body part, we are able to acquire images whose quality is comparable to many high-field, traditional MRI scanners. While a patient’s girth may still be a limiting factor, our Open MRI’s body-weight capacity allows us to scan most larger patients. The open architecture of our scanner also aids patients who experience mild claustrophobia, without the usual sacrifice in diagnostic accuracy of most open scanners in the marketplace. Additionally, parents of young children can stay in the room during their child’s exam, and be close to their little ones.

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  • MRI

    MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is a safe, painless, and potentially one of the most accurate, noninvasive procedures available to obtain images of the body. In many cases, a high quality MRI reveals exquisite anatomic detail and eliminates the need for additional diagnostic procedures. In MRI, a magnet is used in conjunction with radio waves and a sophisticated computer system to generate accurate images of the body without using any radiation. MRI is frequently used to study muscles, joints, the brain and spine, the abdomen, pelvis, chest and blood vessels. Our vertical field open sided MRI machine is the largest in the state, and is perfect for multiple applications and enhances our Radiologists' ability to interpret exams for conditions such as cardiac disease, vascular disease, stroke, musculoskeletal joint disorders, abdominal/pelvic conditions and brain disorders.

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  • Imaging Technology

    Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a state-of-the-art imaging procedure that produces very detailed pictures of internal body structures. MRI is used to identify tumors, neurological problems, orthopedic injuries, blood vessel flow, and other medical conditions. Our MRI machine is one of the most technically advanced available on the market today. It is capable of producing high-resolution, digital images of any body part, including the brain, internal organs, arms, legs, and spine. The images are sent to a computer where they can be enhanced to show more detail. Patients need to remove metal objects from their bodies, such as jewelry, dentures, and eyeglasses. Patients may receive a relaxation medication or contrast dye before the images are taken. Patients are asked to remain motionless while the images are taken. MRI is a painless procedure. Learn More To date, there are no known adverse side effects of MRI. The scanner has full approval of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
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What Our Patients Are Saying...

"“I had a previous MRI in a tube where it felt like you were being sealed up in a suitcase. When I first saw the machine it was like – Wow! This is great, it's all open! It was a great experience compared to the old enclosed MRIs.”" Jill Angle
"“I chose their Open-MRI because of a friend's recommendation. I've had a long history of back injuries and surgery. The symptoms have been so severe that it has really limited me physically. They discovered another problem that previous MRIs in other places had missed totally. It was a very good experience!”" Ed Starr


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